Talking UK Luxury Replica Watches With Jean Arnault, Director Of Watches At Louis Vuitton

Jean Arnault is the Director of Marketing and Development for perfect replica watches uk at Luis Vuitton. In his short tenure shepherding the brand, beginning in 2021, he has made considerable noise in the industry and proven that while he’s here to change things for the better, he hasn’t lost sight of the past.

You can see his hand in the LV Watch Prize and the recent announcement that both the Daniel Roth and Gérald Genta brands would be revived via La Fabrique du Temps (the manufacture owned and operated by Louis Vuitton Watches).
That’s Arnault’s day-to-day. And he’s still thinking about high quality fake watches when he’s off the clock – at age 24 he’s already a full-fledged, die-hard watch collector with pieces that would make even the most seasoned enthusiast envious.
And his collection runs the gamut from esoteric LV releases of old to antique Patek Philippe super clone online and even some very special Lange. See for yourself as we sit down with Arnault and get to the core of his collecting philosophy.

This is Talking Watches with Jean Arnault.
Vintage Fake Patek Philippe Ref. 10
This Patek is very important to Arnault. It’s from the 1920s and is the only watch that we know about in this configuration with a Patek signature on the dial. We see a lot of best 1:1 replica Patek Philippe here on Hodinkee, but it’s not often we get Patek this old.

Replica Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Ref. 3970P Second Series
This was a grail for Arnault, which he calls a “COVID find.” He was on the hunt for a specific 3970 and went deep down the online rabbit hole. This aaa quality fake Patek Philippe is special (and platinum) but it also represents the thrill of the hunt, of the chase, and illustrates the true collecting bug that Arnault has.

UK Luxury Replica Watches Born From Watches & Wonders

As you know if you’ve been reading Hodinkee this week, the big Watches & Wonders trade show has been going down in Geneva – opening the floodgates for hundreds of new fake watches for sale uk from the industry’s biggest watchmakers, along with news that some old favorites have been discontinued (and are now likely to become future classics).

Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 Ref. 126000 yellow
The biggest hit of Watches & Wonders in 2020 was the colorful new 1:1 fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual lineup. It launched an industry-wide trend where just about every brand had to have its own colorful dials. Some of the colors, like this yellow example, were around for less than two years – the red and some sizes of the light blue have also disappeared.

On Hodinkee Radio last week it was revealed that these bright colors were always supposed to be a limited run. This is how top super clone watches become rare collectors pieces. The yellow having the shortest run makes it the rarest, and likely the most sought after by future collectors. This Swiss made replica Rolex is in flawless like-new condition and ready for you to add your story to it.
Replica IWC Big Pilot 43 Ref. IW3293-03

Until 2021 the cheap replica IWC Big Pilot was, well, big. Not the traditional 50mm+ big of its World War II origin, but still a beefy 46mm. The large onion crown sat perfectly astride these large cases, which housed a dial so legible that an aviator at 30,000 feet could practically read one on the ground below. As well-liked and historically accurate as it was, for many collectors this large size felt like strapping an aircraft instrument to one’s wrist. And so along came the new 43mm AAA quality fake IWC Big Pilot, which was much more widely wearable. With this model being out less than two years, this pre-owned example hasn’t had time to garner a scratch. It is ready for you to set the time with the satisfying click of the onion crown and make it your own.

Two Luxury Patek Philippe Replica Watches For Sale UK

Two Platinum Ref. 96 Examples In the Fake Patek Philippe Museum

Next up, we have two platinum examples that now sit in the best fake Patek Philippe Museum. The first sold at Antiquorum for a hefty $1.1 million way back in 1990. Today, you’ll find it in the Patek Philippe Museum – this image comes from the Museum’s book. According to the Swiss made replica Patek Philippe Museum, this Ref. 96 was delivered to the Bulova Watch Company in New York in 1940. Movement 860,231; case 295,442.

Not pictured is the other platinum Ref. 96 in the 1:1 super clone Patek Philippe Museum, which has the same platinum case and roulette dial configuration as Phillips’ Reference 96. It sold for $2 million in 2002.

Platinum Replica Patek Philippe Ref. 96, Recased In 1935

Finally, we have another platinum example that was sold by Guillermin Paris in 1939. It last sold publicly in 2010 for CHF 483,000. This cheap fake Patek Philippe Ref. 96 had an interesting early history: It was born in 1927 in a tonneau-shaped case; apparently, no one really liked tonneau cases then (a global depression at the same time probably didn’t help either), and it was recased into a platinum 96 case in 1935 and sold that same year. Notice how the case and movement numbers of the previous examples are in an extremely tight range, and this Swiss movement copy Patek Philippe’s not? That’s why. It looks like the dial was also later redone, perhaps in the ’50s or ’60s. Movement: 198,103; case 294,400.